Emteho Ltd. is a consultancy and general services company in Kuopio area (Central-Eastern Finland) founded by Mr. Eero Markkinen in 2016. It provides for business and internationalization advice to SME (small medium size enterprises) industrial or technical trading field. The founder of the company has performed an international career of more than 35 years in a market leading corporation specialized in maritime and power generation machinery systems. During this career he stayed over 25 years in India, France, Switzerland, China and S-Korea in senior executive/top management positions.

In addition to the business consultancy and advisory services, Emteho Ltd. provides for general services to individual real estate owners, holiday home owners and forest property owners. It is able to arrange tailored leisure or business tours and tailored private or business entertainment events, too. Company has an access to a newly constructed machinery and warehouse hall 230 sq.meters in Juankoski and business offices in Kuopio and Kaavi.

Emteho Ltd. has two business areas with two auxiliary names:
1) Emteho Consulting
2) Emteho Palvelut (General Services)